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I have been building furniture for over 30 years. I am self taught, and stick to strict principals of structural integrity and design. All work is done with mortise and tenon joinery. 


My Process

I generally work with rough sawn material. I mill my lumber square and true for proper joinery. I use no stain. The color and figure in the wood is entirely natural. Most of my exotic wood was acquired decades ago and now, any new purchase of non domestic material is from sustainable/plantation grown sources. Some of the proceeds from my purchase of tools and materials go to support the African Blackwood Conservation Project.


Contemporary Rustic

Sometimes, I just have to let the wood "speak" to me. I have never considered myself much of an artist, but I find that if I just sit back sometimes and stare over the hundreds of board feet of beautiful, precious lumber in my shop, ideas will happen. Whole projects have come from inspiration initiated from one piece of lumber. For example, a live edge piece of Cocobolo rosewood juxtaposition to traditional tapered curly maple legs; who knew? But it does often work. Hence the phrase Contemporary Rustic Furniture.

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